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Mermaid's Splash - Are you breathing?

Dive Article written by Compass' mermaid Restuning Sandini as published in GuidePost Magazine

Breathing is important in every activity we do; In every sport including scuba diving – and in breath-hold dive. In scuba diving, with proper breathing, your air consumption will be more efficient. A conscious breathing also brings complete mental control which every diver needs in stressed situations.

 I know how to breathe, you might think.  But many of us actually don’t know how to breath efficiently.

They are some bad breathing habits too, such as only breathing into the chest, skip breathing, inhalations stronger than exhalations and much more. Does your diaphragm rise during inhalation?

How many of us who breath using diaphragm at all? 

Breathing has never got attention it deserves, it is never a western culture to put attention on the “breathe”. So many of us, breathe shallow. It gets worse when we are under stress or having anxiety.

If on-land you don’t breathe efficiently, most likely underwater, you don’t either, so you need to re-learn your breathing.

This is when yoga comes in. One important part of traditional yoga is to train you how to breathe. Yoga – as Guruji said - without proper breathing, it is just a circus.

Yogi believe that we only have so many breaths for our life. So if we want to have longer life, we should take slow and deep breaths.

And that’s the simplest answer of how we should breath underwater. Deep in the blue, our lungs are our engines, so we will need them to work properly. Train your lungs with cardio sports, learn to breathe consciously, and you will surprise yourself underwater!

Love and Peace,
Unieng - Restuning Sandini

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