• Blow bubbles and have Fun!
    Blow bubbles and have Fun!

PADI SealTeam / Master Seal Team

The PADI Seal Team is for young scuba divers who are looking for action-packed fun in a pool by completing exciting AquaMissions.


The Course (1  - 3 days)
The PADI Seal Team program teaches responsibility and respect for the aquatic realm.

AquaMissions 1 - 5, covers basic scuba diving skills, such as breathing underwater, clearing a mask of water, recovering a regulator and swimming around experiencing the sensation of being weightless.

Complete these AquaMissions and become a recognized PADI Seal Team Member. 

10 specialty AquaMissions, includes adventures like creature identification, search and recovery diving, and skin diving. Complete all of these and you’ll become a PADI Master Seal Team Member – joining an elite group of young scuba divers.


  • Kids must be comfortable in the water, but no prior experience is necessary
  • Parental approval is required

Detailed Pricing Options

Seal Team Course is 1 day $300,
and Master Seal Team Course is 3 days $500 

Prices are in USD per person

Our Quality Guarantee

Highly-qualified PADI Professionals

Superior Training Courses

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