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Atauro Island Dive Adventure

Combining Adara on the West coast with Beloi on the East coast of Atauro island. When four days is not enough and you want to dive both sides of the amazing island.


Experience both sides of Atauro Island.

One of the intriguing facts of Atauro Island is that it has two sides to its character, the East and the West. Having our Ecocamp in Adara and our Beach House in Beloi, we are privileged to be able to show you everything it has to offer. With water clarity some days to 40 meters+, it is spectacular diving!

The East coast has a variety of underwater topography, flat reefs, sloping reefs and giant valleys that vanish into the deep blue hosting a plethora of reef fish species. With an inner reef for macro divers to die for, the reef is covered end to end in soft corals, camouflaging lots of hidden critters. If that's not enough, there is the pinnacle and an outer reef stretching as far as the eye can see, where you'll find Timor-Leste numerous pelagic species.

Then we have the other side, the magical west coast. The fifteen kilometers of sheer walls will take your breath away. Covered in hard and soft corals, some of these walls drop as far as two hundred meters down before reaching the bottom. Every dive sites has some special features like cracks and caverns and corners and overhangs that will keep you spellbound for the entire dive.

Check out Don Silcock article and spectacular photography, diving both sides of Ataúro island with us: http://www.indopacificimages.com/index.php/timor-leste/complete-guide-to-diving-atauro-island/

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